Adding or Replacing Ribbons

Ribbons are issued, free of charge, to each Young Marine completing the requirements to earn the ribbon.  If the ribbon is lost or damaged, there will be a $1.00 charge to replace it.  Ribbon bars will be issued to accommodate the additional ribbons, and will be free of charge, so long as the old ribbon bar is "traded in" at the time.  If the ribbon bar is lost or not turned-in, the cost to replace it ($2.00-$9.00) will depend on the size of the bar.  Likewise, devices earned will be issued free of charge at the time the ribbon is awarded.  Replacements costs vary from $1.00-$4.00, depending on the type of device.  Because ribbons are routinely awarded at most drills, Young Marines should bring their ribbons to each drill.  The ribbon bar and ribbons shall be carried in the left breast pocket of the camouflage blouse.  If ribbons are to be worn at a particular drill or event, the Young Marine will be notified in advance on the POD listed under "Upcoming Events." 

Wearing Your Ribbons

Ribbons are to be worn on the ribbon bar in a certain order.  If a Young Marine needs help with this, there is an easy way to check.  Sign-on to the National website and click on the "Members" button at the bottom of the page.  There are two login screens on the next page, one for adults and one for YM's.  The YM's will login using their first and last name and entering a password, which is the last four digits of their social security number.  When their individual page loads, there is a link for "Ribbon Bar."  Clicking it will produce a visual graphic of what the bar should look like.  YM's shall adjust the order of their ribbons as necessary.  If you don't see one of your ribbons on the graphic, it is because the information is not in the database.  See the Adjutant for clarification, after first notifying your chain of command.

Knowing Your Ribbons

Each ribbon earned represents an important accomplishment on your way to becoming a competent Young Marine and many are required to promote to the next rank.  If a Young Marine forgets which ribbons means what, he or she can go to our "links" page and click on the "Ribbon Chart."  This will take you to the National site.  The chart has a photo of each ribbon along with the title of the ribbon.  The ribbons are grouped by category, with the highest ribbons first.  If you click on the ribbon, you will be taken to a page which lists all of the requirements for earning the ribbon, which devices are authorized to be worn with the ribbon and much more information.  This is also a great way for Young Marines to see which ribbons can be earned in the future and what is needed in the way of requirements.  Everyone should check the chart on a regular basis to make sure they have gotten credit for the work they have done.  If a Young Marine checks the chart and believes he or she has met the requirements for a ribbon they have not received, they should discuss this with their senior Young Marine and ask for a referral to the adult in charge.